About Mel Pettit Photography

As a Chatteris, Cambridgeshire based photographer with a passion for capturing incredible images of people, I use 10 years of accumulated knowledge in the industry to focus on the finer details when creating for clients a stylish and modern printed imagery experience.

People come first in my approach.   I understand clients come to me to capture images they will be proud of, something they will look at with friends and family in years to come with amazement and happiness.

Over the years I have developed a relaxed and friendly method to guide you in a fun and relaxed way.    I understand that relaxed clients help to create stunning imagery which in turn maximises the enjoyment of the photography experience for them , something that is core to my principles.

Printed images are memories forever, those extra special moments will be kept and treasured.   Unlike digital copies I believe printed memories will be passed from generation to generation like they have for generations before.

I am passionate about all types of printed media, as such I do not offer just digital files to my clients.  My belief is printed media, be it an album, book, wall prints or loose photographs when touched by my clients evoke emotions in both the subject but also those viewing them.  Digital media on a tablet or phone cannot start to bring that same level of feeling.

As part of my continuing development as a photographer, I have recently attained Qualified staus as awarded by the Guild of Photographers.    You can find more details about that here .

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